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Korloff Jewelry Designs

Among all of the Korloff Jewelry Designs, a jewelry reviewer would find it next to impossible to select the one collection that displayed the single most distinctive feature. All of the Korloff jewelry collections show an element of uniqueness in their design.
Korloff Diamond Necklaces

In the collection called “Elements of Silver,” the combination of gold and silver contributes to the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry. One combination of gold and silver has become the focus of the “button earrings.” Another combination of gold and silver surrounds a triangular stone, a stone which is also part of the “Elements of Silver” collection.

Korloff Diamond Jewelry

The Cancun and Volupte collections contain pieces of jewelry with dazzling diamonds. In some pieces, those diamonds have been lined-up in a channel. That channel of diamonds might appear in a metal loop, in a circle around a gemstone or even abutting a second channel of diamonds.

The pieces in the Transparence collection take full advantage of the richness of light. Those pieces contain a transparent surface surrounded by a ring of diamonds. Both the surface and the diamonds reflect the light that hits that piece of jewelry.

Korloff Gold Necklaces

Among all of the Korloff jewelry designs, the jewelry pieces in the Yasmine collection are by far the most colorful. The colors of fuschia, rose, violet, orange, turquoise, noir, gris and bleu can all be found among the pieces of jewelry in the Yasmine collection.

Korloff’s “Sweety rings” also come in different colors. There are lavender rings, pink rings and turquoise rings. While the color of each ring may make that ring stand-out among other rings, the color is not the ring’s only distinguishing feature. Each of the “Sweety rings” has a distinctive design.

The array of different designs within the “Signature Gold” collection can not go unmentioned. Some of the pieces in that collection have been fashioned from white gold, others from yellow gold. Some of those gold ring designs feature a wide band; other rings have been designed around a narrow band.

Each of the pieces in the “Portfolio” collection creates an air of synergy. The design seems to yield to the characteristics of any diamonds within that design. One finds that same synergy in Korloff’s heart-shaped pendants.

While most of the Korloff jewelry designs have the potential to hold more than one diamond, there are pieces that have a solitaire diamond. Among the Diamond Solitaire earrings one can find earrings with three different shapes. Some are square; some are round; and some are shaped to resemble a flower bud. Larger diamonds can be found on Korloff’s Solitaire Rings.

Korloff Yasmine Collection

Not all of the Korloff jewelry designs have been created with an eye to the tastes of female customers. Today, a man can purchase an I.D bracelet with a unique Korloff design. A man can hold his money together in a clip with a Korloff design.

A man can decorate the bottoms of his shirt sleeves with cuff links that show-off an element of the Korloff design। He can even adorn his neck with a dog tag that displays a Korloff jewelry design.

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