Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Many Meanings Of Gemstone Pendants

When people are looking for a piece of jewelry that has personal and emotional meaning to them many turn to family heirlooms like rings or bracelets but there are also many gemstone pendants that offer a sentimental value as well and are as cherished as any other piece of jewelry. Gemstones have many different meanings and gemstone pendants can be used to represent so many different milestones in life or just a significant life event in general. Many people put many different meanings behind certain pieces of jewelry and the use of precious stones in pendants is one way to commemorate a milestone.

Blue Topaz Pendants

There are many meanings behind many precious gems and throughout the years precious gems have been attached to many different life milestones and that makes them easier to give as gifts or as family heirlooms. For example a diamond is considered the birth stone for the month of April so many people that are born in April will commemorate that by wearing a gemstone pendant that is made from a diamond. In many cases people will choose gemstone pendants based not just on the month they were born but to represent their heritage. Emeralds are extremely popular stones and many people will wear them as gemstone pendants to either commemorate their May birth date or their Irish heritage. Emeralds seem to be almost as popular as diamonds in gemstone pendants and that could be due to their deep green color or their clean cut when they are cut into a stone to be mounted. July has the ruby as a birthstone and the ruby is also a very popular precious gem to be included in a gemstone pendant not just for people that are born in July but also for people that just love the ruby. Some people will also use the birth stone chart to commemorate other things like wedding months. It is becoming popular to present a ruby as a gemstone pendant to your significant other if your anniversary is in July. Any occasion to give a gemstone pendant is a good occasion.

Blue Sapphire Pendant

Precious gems are also attached to other milestones like marriage anniversaries. For example the tenth wedding anniversary is usually signified by a diamond so many wives look forward to receiving some sort of diamond gemstone pendant for their tenth wedding anniversary and many husbands dread having to purchase the tenth wedding anniversary diamond gemstone pendant. Just to make it interesting the wedding anniversary gemstone list goes all the way out to the 80th wedding anniversary and the diamond is revisited at the 75th anniversary with the ruby being the 80th anniversary stone. It just boggles the mind.

Many families choose certain gemstones as their family stone and create gemstone pendants as family heirlooms that get handed down from generation to generation. In many cases the stone is made part of a family crest that is in the form of a pendant and the gem is the centerpiece of the crest. Some of the best examples of this is the crown jewels of the British royal family. Not everyone can afford to have a collection like the British royal family but if you are going to use a model for something you might as well model yours after the best and see how close you can really get to near perfection.

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