Monday, December 23, 2013

Luxury Diamond Jewelry - How to Buy Diamonds

Luxury diamond jewelry should be one of a kind, exquisite jewelry. It should be purchased carefully. The four C’s are good basic rules for buying diamonds of all kinds, especially luxury diamonds. The settings of the diamonds should also be considered when selecting diamond jewelry. After all, one beautiful thing among junk may render it as part of the junk. Choosing jewelry is much like choosing clothing. It can show off features, reflect the season, show personality, etc. These things should be kept in mind when purchasing luxury jewelry.

Luxury Diamond Jewelry

Luxury diamond jewelry comes in many different qualities. This directly reflects the price of a diamond. The four C’s refer to a system of evaluating a diamond. They are cut, color, clarity, and carat. The cut of a diamond is how it was faceted. Different cuts will produce different brilliance, or how it reflects light. Color usually refers to lack of color rather than actual color.

The best diamonds are colorless and the slightly less worthy diamonds have slight yellow tinges. Clarity refers to imperfections inside the diamond. Perfect diamonds are very rare. Diamonds of higher clarity have minimal occlusions that are not perceptible to the naked eye. Carat is another word for the weight of the diamond. People usually think of a diamond’s size when they think of carat, but it is the weight of the diamond and not the size or shape.

The setting of the diamond is just as important as the diamond itself. Most luxury diamond jewelry is set in gold or platinum. Gold is available in several different colors including yellow, white, and rose. Most other fine jewelry is set in platinum. Some less worthy options are sterling silver, palladium, titanium, and stainless steel. A variety of precious metals are a good foundation for a personal jewelry collection. But the best diamonds should sit in the best precious metals.

Jewelry is just like any other clothing or accessory that people wear. Just because a piece of jewelry is beautiful in the show room doesn’t mean that it will look good on the person. Luxury diamond jewelry is too big of an investment to not be perfect. Try on jewelry to ensure that it looks good. It can be good to take a risk on a unique piece of jewelry. Jewelry can be fun as well as classic. It can show personality or complement a special outfit.

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