Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catholic Men’s Jewelry is Strength Personified

There are many men and women who like fashion. In addition, there are men and women who like jewelry. However, it could be the case that women wear more jewelry than men do on as daily basis. This is probably because there is more women’s jewelry than men’s jewelry. It seems to be the case that most men, if they wear jewelry, they wear a ring, which is their wedding ring, and a watch.
Catholic Mens Jewelry

It is possible that men tend to wear less jewelry than women because they don’t feel the need to wear jewelry with their clothes. However, it could further be the case that men who are passionate about their religious beliefs would wear religion themed jewelry. This is because wearing religious themed jewelry is a creative form of self-expression. In addition, religious jewelry is strong jewelry. Moreover, catholic men’s jewelry is strength personified.
Catholic Mens Necklaces

What do you think of when you think of catholic men’s jewelry? It is possible that images of crosses and rosary beads and the Crown of Thorns. In addition, sometimes the sand dollar is considered a Christian religious symbol. Therefore, sand dollars can be and are used to create catholic men’s jewelry. This is because sand dollars can be made into rings and they can also be hung on gold and silver chains and used as necklaces.

Sand dollars can also be placed on black chords and used as religious necklaces. However, it is probable that the most well-known Christian symbol is the cross. Crosses are strong symbols of religion because there are many types of crosses that can be made into jewelry. Let’s discuss different types of crosses that are religious jewelry friendly.

There is the Christian cross. It is also known as the Latin cross. Did you know that the Latin cross is most common symbol of Christianity?  In addition, it is intended to represent the death of Jesus when he was crucified on the True Cross. Moreover, the Latin cross represented his resurrection in the New Testament. The Latin cross is the cross that most men wear when they wear Catholic men’s jewelry. However, many Irish men enjoy wearing the High cross or Celtic cross around their necks in order to illustrate their religious faith. Did you know that free-standing Celtic crosses are both common and popular in Ireland and Great Britain? Plus, Celtic crosses are very commonly found in graveyards and churches. It is quite possible that the Celtic cross could be Catholic men’s jewelry personified.
Religious Mens Jewelry

Moreover, it is possible that men doctors in Catholic hospitals wear red crosses around their necks to show both their passions for medicine and religion. Did you know that the first Red Cross was a read Greek cross on a white background? It has been claimed that the Red Cross is the reverse of the flag of Switzerland. The Switzerland flag is a white Greek cross on a red background. It would be interesting to use the Swiss flag as inspiration for a piece of religious jewelry. It could be the case that the Swiss flag is Christian men’s jewelry personified.

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